Have you ever noticed in Windows vista you can delete your favorite Recycle Bin ;)

yes seems crazy but Windows vista has a bug , Microsoft created Windows vista as most secure, powerfull Operating system software but still have few bugs like this, really strange. This may be possible that Microsoft has given Deletion of recycle bin as one of the feature !! we cant predicate there facts , God knows what Bill gates think.

So have you deleted your Recycle bin from your Desktop of your Vista ?

Here is the Simple Answer how to get it back,

1. Right click on desktop,
2. got to 'personalize', then in the left column click 'change desktop icons'.
3.Afterwards, click on the 'recycle bin empty' icon and change it with the iconthat shows the recycle bin full…and do the same for the 'recycle bin full'icon.
4.Click apply. Now when the recycle bin is full it will show empty andwhen empty it will show full.
5.Go back and change them to the normal icons as they should be and it will solve the problem.

i think this problem is not actual problem, i think its one of the feature provided by Microsoft to organize desktop icons.